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My Story

Hi, I’m Natasha

A busy Mammy of 2 gorgeous babies with a passion for creativity and living a life that sets your soul on fire! 


A fully qualified Graphic Designer with a few years experience under my belt I put myself out there to launch my very own Design business with a big dream... We all deserve a happy and fulfilled life so what is stopping me?!


What sets my soul on fire is being true to myself, being out in nature, swimming in the Atlantic, taking it all in, pure peace and tranquility, away from the businesses of everyday life... Although it is amazing it sure is good to take a break! 


I’ve always wanted to launch my own business so after the birth of my second child I ran from the corporate world as fast as I could... This is my chance... And I'm taking it! 


Enter Saltwater Studio, my little hub of design and photography. 


I absolutely adore my work, it ranges from designing logos for new or existing businesses to taking precious photographs of really special moments and people.  

How lucky am I! 


Get in touch if you'd like to work together, I'd absolutely love to hear from you. 


Take care,


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